Who’s five?

We are a small team based out of Minneapolis, MN. Small, self funded and scrappy, we're pushing ourselves to do better with every release. Our next title is Totally Reliable Delivery Service - a fun 100% ragdoll driven sandbox game about terrible delivery drivers that up to 4 players on one couch can enjoy together.


Fact Sheet

We're Five Games

Based in:
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Founding Date:
January of 2016

Press / Business contact:


Hammer Bomb - March 31st 2016
Morphite - September 21st 2017


We’re Five Games was started in 2012, originally under the name Cinopt Studios LLC. We created and sold Final Cut Pro video effects with our friends at CrumplePop, while making small mobile games on the side. In 2013, we released our first big mobile game, Arlo’s Adventure, a retro platformer starring a brave wizard. As the NLE video effects market changed, we pivoted to developing games full time, since making games has always been a dream of ours.

We found our niche making game development starter kits for the Unity Asset Store. These kits provided code, art, and other assets to help people create games similar to classic arcade games, platformers, and RPGs. In 2014, Crescent Moon Games reached out to us to help develop the game, The Deer God. We launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and the game was eventually featured in XBOX Live’s Games With Gold upon release. Since then we’ve continued developing games with Crescent Moon Games, most notably Hammer Bomb and Morphite.

We changed our name to We’re Five Games because we have a five year old’s sense of humor. Our current game in development is a ridiculous multiplayer ragdoll romp called Totally Reliable Delivery Service in partnership with tinyBuild.